Terms of Use

Terms & Conditions

For any specific reason if user is found violating any point in terms and conditions then it will lead to termination of our contract. The user which means a person who is using our website for online help and guidance. Will be fully responsible to accept any services from the website on his own choice. The services provided on as is and as available basis.
Our free blogs and online content is free to use for users. Whereas if any user/client wants to specifically opt for technical support help then it is available at prices fixed by the company “nas-setup.com”. You can avail our service via phone, email, or chat support. Our company holds the right to remove any client or user at any point of time.
Our company is not responsible for any damage done by the client on their own to their system, devices or network. We provide online guidance and if you wish to use this website you agree to give use permission to help you remotely too in case required. At any instance during the session or any loss of data or damage to the network happens then it is not responsibility of nas-setup.com. Although utmost care is taken to make sure you have smooth experience on this website. While connecting to the client remotely, the user is already giving us permission to make required changes to fix the issue. If at any point the user feels uncomfortable they can cancel the remote session.

Cancellation And Termination

The services provided through us are only related to the NAS, if the client wants services related to any other device then they can upgrade to other plans. If client’s device for which he took support is no longer active then this leads to automatic cancellation of the services. Users are free to use services from their respective brands as we do not represent any affiliation to the brands used here. If your device is in warranty you can go to their help center too. You do not need to pay any extra charges if you cancel the services before the starting of the next billing cycle. We have the right to cancel the services of any client who uses illegal softwares. The data shared with our company remains the intellectual property of the of that individual.