About Us

We at Nas-setup.com are dedicated technical writers and product reviewers. Our years of research and technical product blogging has transformed us to this perfect website. We have reviewed and analyzed multiple networking products. Which includes Wifi Routers, Alexa, Roku, Wifi Extenders, Wifi Mesh System, Network Attached Storage, Etc. So, this website is solely dedicated to reviews, diagnostics, troubleshooting, tips & tricks and informational blogs related NAS.

But before anything else we would like to introduce you to our team. Our team comprises of more than 50+ writers and 10 technical expert who can fix any issue related to NAS in just few minutes.

Our Team

about us our team

Joseph, Content Creator, Consultant

Hi this is me Joseph founder and creator of Nas-setup. With Interest in Computer Science and Networking I started blogs at age 14 and now I run around 20 blogging forums. I am avid trekker and most probably will be on my next trekking expedition as you are reading this.

our team

Baki-Hanma (My editing and Gaming System)

Since I’m into tech so most of my product review, video editing, and online support for paid clients is done through this bad boy. Sundays are for gaming on other days, I’m busy writing articles, or making product review videos or maybe helping few clients via online software support with their networking issues.

our team

Milli (My Emotional Support)

Newest member of the team, she is always eager to assist wherever required.

my writers

Writer & Technicians (my minions)

Finally to my team, who are there with me in my ups and downs. We have made quite a good progress in short time with your efforts and honesty, I owe you big time.